My grandmother, an avid horsewoman, made sure I was always around or on a horse. I remember riding "Pretty Boy" when I was five. He was a pure white Tennessee Walker who liked the Red Man Chewing tobacco my grandfather always had in his shirt pocket. Pretty Boy obediently followed my Grandad around the yard with me, my brother and my cousins on his back just to get a taste. Pretty Boy was gentle and patient with us kids and  also took care of us, a phrase horse people understand well, but Pretty Boy didn't tolerate adults riding him who didn't practice proper horse sense. They rarely got more than a few minute ride out of him before they were on the ground.

When I was eight years old, I was given my own little pony that was born on the farm. I named her Princess, which is sort of funny, since I am not really the girly type, I guess she was royalty to me. She was a dainty Shetland pinto that only a little kid could "break out." My grandmother helped me train Princess for riding and driving a pony cart. I was never without a horse or a pony and because my grandparents had a farm, I never had to board horses. When I was 16, my grandparents offered to buy me a used car and I asked for a horse instead. I got the horse and paid for a used car with money I had earned - working at a horse farm. 

Today, I'm a full-time middle school teacher, part-time farmer, mother, and full-time horse lover and photographer. I specialize in Equine Photography because I love, admire, and understand the unique relationship that people have with their horses.  I have found that the horse-human relationship is often misunderstood.  People that don't own horses would never think of horses as companion animals but in my experience the bond between horses and their humans runs deep.  My job is to show that connection between horses & their humans.

My husband, Blox (yes, Blox is his real name, an Eastern Shore of Maryland  name, short for Bloxom) and I have a little four-acre farm located in the Panhandle of West-by God-Virginia. You know that Country Roads song that just popped in your head? Yes, well, it's really like that here. We share our little place with our three Paso Fino horses, one Paint horse, four cats, and a bunch of chickens, including a house-entering, cat-food eating, photogenic chicken named Wanda.





Bridgette Daugherty


I look forward to creating beautiful images for you and learning more about you and your horse!

I want to create art that tells your own personal horse story. You love your horse. I want to tell the story of your special bond. I want you to have beautiful and tangible works of art to fill your heart and home for years to come and I would be honored to capture soulful and artistic art that honors and celebrates that special connection.

Photo by Deanna Hurt, StinkDog Photos | Denver, Colorado